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CB Smith Park

State of Florida | CB Smith Park


Community Based Test Site | Logistics and Supply Chain Management



  • Turnkey Test Site Services
  • Test Site Staffing
  • Test Site Infrastructure
  • Testing Supplies
  • Lab Services
  • Test Site Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Patient Notification
  • Patient Portal
  • Logistics Support
  • State Reporting
  • CLIA Field Extension


The State of Florida was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with several counties experiencing some of the highest cases in the nation. With concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the State opened numerous state-run test sites, including C.B. Smith Park.


CDR Maguire, Inc. provided COVID-19 PCR viral test kits, antigen testing, and test site logistics and management services. Currently, CDR assists with the operations of over 20 test sites and 30 pop-up sites for the State, providing test kits, lab services, patient notifications, supplies, patient portal, CLIA field extension, on-site personnel training, staff, and management.


CDR Maguire, Inc. was contracted by the State of Florida to provide a turnkey solution for C.B. Smith Park in an effort to lower the cost of testing, which entailed replacing the existing and costly infrastructure that was in place, saving the State over 80,000 dollars a day.



  • Provided turnkey test site services, including site infrastructure, staffing, CLIA field extension and electronic patient registration and resulting.
  • Through a more efficient site set up, CDR increased the test sites throughput and increased site testing volume by triple.
  • Provide patient notification for results via email, text message and call back.
  • Created an online patient portal to electronic registration patients via scanned ID or QR code and for patients to view, download and print their test results online.
  • Provide an IT infrastructure including hardware and support.
  • Contracted with a call center that contacts an average of 20,000 patients a day.
  • Provide just-in-time supply chain management including shipping supplies and collateral materials.
  • Provide instructions and guidelines to be disseminated to patients regarding how to access their results.
  • Provide a CLIA field extension and related personnel training.
  • Provide CLIA standard operating procedures and quality control procedures.
  • Daily reporting of patient results to the State Department of Health, including the provision of numerous reports to local departments of health.
  • Interagency and contractor coordination and communication between state term contractors, the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and the Department of Health.