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COVID-19 support commonwealth of Kentucky

COVID-19 support commonwealth of Kentucky

Commonwealth of Kentucky 


Commonwealth of Kentucky 



Disaster Management Services 



  • EOC Support 
  • Crisis Planners 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Provide C-Suite and Management 
  • Ancillary Support Services 
  • Logistics 


The Commonwealth of Kentucky emergency management leaders recognized early on that the virus was going to be bigger than any other natural disaster in Kentucky’s history.  When Kentucky called CDR Maguire for help, the ask was that the firm quickly put together a team of experienced advisors in emergency operations center protocols and crisis management and hat the experts at CDR have an understanding of the parameters of a pandemic, public health and hospital backgrounds.


  • Provide State Emergency Operation Center staff and management including crisis planners, Emergency Support Function #8 Health and Medical experts with experience in Pandemic, Logistics Liaison, and support.
  • Frameworks/Plans:
    • On-Congregate Shelter activation, operation and demobilization 
    • Alternate Care Facility stand up and demobilization 
    • Patient Movement Plan 
    • Virtual EOC Transition and Operations 
    • VOAD – Local Community Volunteer and Donations Management 
    • COIVD-19 Testing Plan
    • Surge Medical Staffing Plan 
  • Increased Hospital and Lab capabilities for testing by leveraging current laboratory assets and coordinating mission requirements with key stakeholders in the Commonwealth, mapping that includes hospitals, local health districts, thermos fisher locations, state parks, and testing sites and tracking all specimens collected at the hospital/ local health departments completed daily. 
  • Recovery Reimbursement and Tracking 
    • Reviewing, tracking, verification of Request for Public Assistance 
  • Developed Recovery Framework, available funding options, expediated funding, closeout check list, administrative and management cost.