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COVID-19 support commonwealth of Massachusettes

COVID-19 support commonwealth of Massachusettes


Commonwealth of Massachusetts | Department of Public Health | MassHealth | Executive Office of Health and Human Services


Community Based Immunization Program | Vaccine Data Management



  • Vaccine Site Staffing
  • Vaccine Supplies
  • Vaccine Site Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Support 
  • State Reporting


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with several counties experiencing a heavy amount of cases. With concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the Commonwealth approved dispatching mobile vaccine units to various communities to combat the disease.

CDR Maguire, Inc. maintained COVID-19 vaccine site set ups and operations, record keeping of all patient vaccine data, and post-vaccination adverse event monitoring. CDR prioritized the activities of neighborhoods with high COVID-19 burden, including communities of color, rural populations, indigenous communities, people with mobility challenges, and other unvaccinated individuals.


  • Screened patients for COVID-19 symptoms before and during the visit and for contraindications and precautions for the specific vaccine(s) in use before receiving that vaccine(s).
  • Maintained an adequate location to safely store the vaccines and monitored vaccine unit storage temperatures, complying with the terms of a valid Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration. 
  • Ensured that vaccine administrators and other staff followed all relevant infection control protocols (e.g., wearing appropriate PPE).
  • Appropriately and expeditiously respond to any adverse events or other medical emergency and provide patients with the appropriate level of care on-site or arrange for appropriate transportation for care off-site.
  • Contributed an IT infrastructure including hardware and support.
  • Facilitated coordinating with sites and scheduled a vaccine clinic at least 24 hours in advance and provide a method for patients to register without pre-scheduled appointments Provide a CLIA field extension and related personnel training.
  • Provided CLIA standard operating procedures and quality control procedures.
  • Daily reporting of patient results to the State Department of Health, including the provision of numerous reports to local departments of health.
  • Interagency and contractor coordination and communication between state term contractors, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and the MassHealth.